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Backed by a solid reputation and over a decade of experience in building and scaling Sales, Marketing and Operations departments within the Home Improvement and Real Estate industries, we are passionate about making big impacts.  We are experienced real estate investors, and believe in the importance of good entry points, maximizing cash flow opportunities, building equity through time in the market, as well as well thought out exit strategies. We are experts in analyzing investments to determine if they are worthwhile for our clients, stress free, efficient listing processes, and negotiating the best terms on the behalf of our clients.  Our service includes a 30 minute phone consultation to help identify our clients’ objective, price range, and usage and to determine if we are a good fit. Once we decide to move forward, we will provide an action plan and begin to produce the highest of quality results on your behalf.  Talk to us today about how we can help you sell or refinance an existing property, purchase a resale property, or a preconstruction in the Greater Toronto Area or South Florida markets.

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