Our Story

In 2010 we ventured to the U.S to explore the real estate scene in sunny Florida. We fell in love with it’s endless potential. It wasn’t just the great weather and beautiful beaches that impressed us, but the opportunity to cash flow, property appreciation, as well as less expensive price points and lower taxes than we were accustomed to in Canada.

Over the years we began to invest in U.S real estate. We have ventured to Florida, California, Texas, Atlanta, Detroit, Ohio, New York and beyond! We have participated in various fix and flips, residential rental properties, multi-family rentals, short term rentals, vacation homes, and beyond. Throughout our own years of experience, we have built the right connections, an understanding of the markets, and favorable lending terms. We have taken our experiences and built a seamless process for our Canadian clients, friends and family to purchase real estate in the U.S

We take great pride in offering the high integrity service we wish that we had when we began to invest in U.S real estate. We love to make what seems impossible not only possible, but easy for our clients.