We are nearing Halloween – the spookiest time of the year – and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate it with the mysterious, kooky and altogether ooky Addams family.

Realtor.com® and MGM Studios have teamed up for the highly anticipated release of the new The Addams Family 2 animated sequel, which premiered earlier this month in theaters and on demand.

In the new film, America’s favorite kookiest family packs their bags and heads off on a road trip. That leaves the Addams’ family mansion, at 1313 Cemetery Lane, empty for all the looky loos to take a peek inside.

Enter at your own risk
Do you dare tour the somewhat dilapidated and most likely haunted Addams family home? If so, beware the secret dungeon and bottomless pit while your fingers explore our mock Addams Family home listing – with a custom 3D tour – and try to find all four Easter eggs hidden throughout! After you take a look inside, place a call to listing agent Barry Coffins and share the listing with your family and friends!

Home Sweet Haunted Home
Feeling a little creepy and like you’d be right at home in this terrifying mansion? Answer our eight fiendishly fun quiz questions to determine which member of the Addams Family best matches your personality. Will you be Pugsley, Wednesday or Fester…or maybe Lurch, Gomez or Thing? Take our quiz to find out!

To each their haunted home
Our colla-boo-ration with MGM and the Addams Family 2 movie also included two new Realtor.com TV and digital commercials, which ran in both English and Spanish, that are so good they are scary!

Check out the Spanish-language spots here.

Be afraid, be very afraid
If you haven’t seen it already, those with morbid curiosities can find The Addams Family 2 movie in theaters and on demand wherever you can stream movies (like Amazon Prime or Apple TV).