The Real Estate Bridge

The Bridge To Canadians And U.S Real Estate

Who we are

The Real Estate Bridge is a Canadian founded corporation which offers a seamless, one stop shop for Canadians to easily buy real estate in the U.S. Backed by a solid reputation of over a decade in experience in both the Canadian and American Real Estate Markets, The Real Estate Bridge is the bridge for Canadians to purchase U.S real estate.

What we do

The Real Estate Bridge is the bridge for Canadians to finance and purchase real estate in any part of the United States. We offer high integrity service for our fellow Canadians, and we leverage our years of experience in the U.S real estate market. We have long standing relationships with banks, which has allowed us to create tailored financing with exclusive programs specifically for our Canadian clients.

Services we offer

We are able to help Canadians sell and/or refinance existing Canadian real estate to deploy into cash-flowing rental properties, vacation homes, pre-construction condos, land, commercial storefronts, fix & flips, and beyond. In addition to ensuring a smooth property acquisition, we also offer property management, and relocation services exclusive to our Canadian clients.

Acquire real estate in any state in America

Our team consists of experienced real estate investors, realtors, mortgage brokers, lawyers, and accountants. We are a high integrity ran firm that has a seamless process for Canadians to finance and acquire real estate in any state in America.

Our Process


Step # 1

Contact us to connect and let us know exactly what you’re looking for, your timeline and all of the details for your U.S purchase!


Step # 2

We will send you an email with a list of items we need to take care of your pre-approval. Once received, The Real Estate Bridge team will conduct your pre-approval in about 2 days!


Step # 3

We will begin to send you listings in your ideal area, with all your criteria and requirements


Step # 4

Once you identify which properties you are interested in, we will begin to book showings in order to view the property(ies) in person. Many of our clients are from out of town, and physically being present for in person showings isn’t always an option. If this is the case, our real estate team will take videos, and/or bring you with us via video call!


Step # 5

Once we find the right property for you, we will discuss the terms and submit our offer to the listing brokerage. Once our offer is accepted, we will instruct you on how to send your deposit in order to lock in the contract. Once the contract is in place, we have a certain amount of time to conduct an inspection. The Real Estate Bridge will help with this as well!


Step # 6

We close on the property and celebrate!!

Our Services

Mortgage Financing & Refinancing

We can help you refinance an existing mortgage in order to lower your interest rate and payments, shorten the term of your mortgage, use equity to purchase an investment property or to do home renovations + increase your property’s value. We are also able to leverage our strong relationships and our access to every lender in Canada in order to secure the most optimal financing product for your Commercial or Residential purchase, construction loan, land purchase or income property.

Sell An Existing Property

We are experts at listing and selling properties for top dollar with little work on your part. We can help you close at the perfect time for you, enabling you to transition into your next venture with ease

Purchase An Investment Property

We have exclusive access to off market properties for purchase, as well as phenomenal pre construction projects in both the South Florida and Greater Toronto Areas

Relocation Services

We offer efficient relocation services for those seeking a fresh start. We help both individuals and corporate relocations which includes helping our clients list their existing property, sell, pack, move and store their belongings, and find the right housing in their new location.


“Samantha at The Real Estate Bridge helped us refinance one of our properties in Toronto. She helped us take out equity and buy our friend U.S investment property ! Highly recommend working with her! ”

It helps that they’re Canadian and understand both markets. The team at The Real Estate Bridge has been a wealth of information and even put us in touch with an awesome Immigration Lawyer. We’ve loved our experience so far!

Our Team

Samantha McGuinness


Licensed international realtor and mortgage strategist, Samantha takes pride in delivering a unique white glove experience and an efficient, results oriented approach to securing property and financing for our clients.

David S. Seltzer

Real Estate Law

As the managing partner at Seltzer Mayberg, David is committed to litigating cases on behalf of our clients. We focus all of our firm’s efforts on adequately protecting the rights of our clients throughout their real estate transactions and beyond.

Pedro L Salim

Immigration Lawyer

When you work with our immigration team, you can rest assured that your case will be handled with patience and dedication. We answer our clients’ calls and questions and we help you understand the possible outcome of your case. You deserve strong legal representation and our team is here to help!

Cross Border Accounting Team:


With professional accounting designations from both Canada and the US, coupled with being admitted to the bar in the US and Canada, our accounting team are uniquely positioned to provide tax advice to clients on both sides of the border.


Currency Exchange

Our preferred rates with Knightsbridge FX are guaranteed to be lower than any you’ll get at the bank, receiving 100% satisfaction from our suite of premier services. This creates the best exchange rate option for our clients, prompt delivery of your funds and the top-notch service that adapts to your exact needs and situation.